Together with the Vienna-based journal “dérive” we prepared a reader for the Footloose Warsaw conference. It comprises translations of three “retroactive manifestos” for Warsaw, a review article of books published recently in Poland on the vexed issue of reprivatisation and a lot of other material, including interviews with urban activists and artists. It can be purchased HERE.






Editorial by Christoph Laimer

Warsaw – A Taciturn City (introduction) by Kacper Pobłocki

Wild Reprivatization by Łukasz Drozda

It All Started with Rage and Anger by Syrena, Cafe Kryzys, Lisa Puchner

Salon – Domestication of Warsaw’s Public Space by Kacper Pobłocki

Creating spaces for free thought and free activities by Andrzej Górz, Wojtek Matejko, Lisa Puchner

The Cunning of Chaos and Its Orders by Joanna Kusiak

Trees and Stumps by Joanna Rajkowska

Urban grassroots movements in Poland by Christoph Laimer and Tymon Radwański

Warsaw as a functional City (1934) by Szymon Syrkus and Jan Chmielewski

Care for the human person (1951) by Boleslaw Bierut

Is Warsaw becoming a city of the Third World? (2006) by Bohdan Jałowiecki